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Peneda-Gerês local experts.

Since 2015

About us: we are specialists in the Peneda-Gerês region and the North of Portugal.

The Go2Nature Travel Agency emerges as an isolated project within the Association for the Development of the Peneda-Gerês National Park Regions (ADERE-PG). The nearly 30 years of experience as an association have shaped our vision and perception of the reality of the territory.

The proximity to the population, their customs and characteristics led us to study and learn about their dynamics, their strengths and to understand their shortcomings. All this knowledge allowed us to create the Go2Nature project with a very mature vision of what we would like it to represent for the territory.

The creation of Go2Nature in 2015 is thus the result of the will of a passionate, professional and heterogeneous team, whose main goal is to provide a positive, authentic exchange between travellers and the local population and to contribute to the preservation of the natural and cultural values present in the territory.

The Go2Nature Travel Agency emerges with the premise of making a difference, by promoting responsible and sustainable Nature Tourism in the territory.

What makes us different?

Respect for natural and cultural values

These are the pillars for the unfolding of a unique and authentic experience, their preservation and protection are fundamental to us.

Honesty, trust, integrity and transparency

We are a travel agency that promotes a symbiotic relationship, going beyond the economic benefit, with our partners.

The authenticity of products

We preserve natural values and promote local products and contact with genuine ways of life, involving economic agents and communities.

Our authentic and integrated experiences

We promote experiences that take place in a real context, with small groups, to guarantee the personalisation of each of our trips.



By booking with our travel agency you will be contributing to Go2Preserve.

A Financial Support Fund, which helps actions, programmes or initiatives for the preservation, protection and conservation of natural and cultural values.

The Go2Nature faces

Partnerships and affiliations