Come and meet the garranos, an indigenous Iberian breed that lives in a semi-wild state in harmony with nature.

The garrano lives integrated into a mountain ecosystem generally at altitudes above 700m, where it disputes territory with its main predator, the wolf. Due to its history and origin, this autochthonous breed with millenary roots has a strong historical expression in the northern region of Portugal and Galicia. Like their wild ancestors, free-ranging horses are organised into family groups, known as herds, eguadas or harems, of varying size.

Between the Peneda mountain range and the Castro Laboreiro plateau, we find the perfect scenarios to observe and understand the behaviour of these animals.

In the spotlight

Observation of garrano horses; Prehistory; Planalto Laboreiro; Castro Laboreiro Castle; Brandas and Inverneira; Ecosystem of the Iberian Wolf

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Day 1
Welcome to Castro Laboreiro
Day 2
Observing herds on the Castro Laboreiro Plateau
Day 3
Observing herds in the Serra Peneda
Day 4
Visit to Lamas de Mouro

Changes in content or duration are possible on request.

Travel Guide
Fauna observation
Peneda-Gerês National Park
4 days
3 nights
from 799€ per person (basic price for 2 people)

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