Unforgettable marks on the landscape and the soul of the mountains, the mountain villages are the granite pearls of the Peneda-Gerês National Park. Formed in millenary battles of Man vs Nature, this rural heritage is the mirror of Man’s resistance and perseverance over the natural elements.

Following the rhythm of the mountain way of life, we start with the transhumance, passing through the “brandas” and “inverneiras”, revealing the strong community bonds of the villages of Serra Amarela. We then head towards the northeast of the National Park to discover the magical villages of the Barroso lands, on the edge of the Gerês Mountains.

In the Spotlight

Rural heritage, local life, heritage associated with the wolf, watermills, religious heritage, granite granaries, 12th-century monastery, local life and traditions, gastronomy, and mountain landscape.

This programme is run with an expert guide – enjoy unmissable sites to the full!

Day 1
Welcome to Branda Aveleira
Day 2
Castro Laboreiro, the plateau in the mountains
Day 3
Brandas da Peneda, the steps of the transhumance
Day 4
Soajo, a community spirit
Day 5
Villages of Serra Amarela
Day 6
Tourém and Pitões das Júnias
Day 7
Villages of Barroso
Day 8

Changes in content or duration are possible on request.

Travel Guide
Heritage and Culture
8 days
7 nights
from 799€ per person (basic price for 2 people)
not included, price on request

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