Between the mountains of Peneda and Gerês, following tracks and footprints, immerse yourself in the wildlife of the National Park.

The Iberian wolf (Canis lupus signatus) and the mountain goat (Capra pyrinaica) are two of the species in evidence, not forgetting the remarkable garrano, a semi-wild horse that lives freely in the mountains of the National Park.

Circulating among mountain villages we will have the opportunity to explore and learn a little more about local customs and traditions, many of them associated with local biodiversity.

In the Spotlight

Iberian wolf (canis lupus signatus); Mountain goat (Capra Pyrinaica); Mountain horse; Mountain villages; Local traditions

This programme is guided by an expert guide – enjoy unmissable sites to the full!

Day 1
Arrival in Tourém or Pitões das Júnias
Day 2
Walk to introduce and observe the mountain goat
Day 3
Arrival at Castro Laboreiro
Day 4
Walk to introduce and interpret the territory of the Iberian wolf
Day 5

Changes in content or duration are possible on request.

Travel Guide
Fauna observation
Peneda-Gerês National Park
5 days
4 nights
from 949€ per person (base price 2 people)

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