In this programme, along paths once travelled by shepherds and daring smugglers, we will challenge the Stone Giants. This is an adventure that will take you from mountain range to mountain range, always surrounded by an incredible mosaic of landscapes, visiting some of the most emblematic corners of the National Park.

Granite is part of the DNA of Peneda-Gerês. From the mountaintops to the villages, the different shades of grey and majestic shapes of the stone giants are always present in the landscape.

As we pass through the villages we can explore and enjoy the local buildings. As we walk through the mountains we can observe an incredible landscape. At dinner time it’s always time to try the local specialities and discover new flavours.

In the Spotlight

Rural heritage, local life, heritage associated with the Iberian wolf, granite landscape, Peneda Sanctuary, Roman road, granite granaries, gastronomy, and wildlife.

This programme is guided by an expert guide – enjoy unmissable sites to the full!

Day 1
Welcome to Castro Laboreiro
Day 2
Castro Laboreiro, the plateau and the mountain
Day 3
The pilgrim's steps
Day 4
Mountain villages in the Serra Amarela
Day 5
The old Roman road
Day 6
Gerês, along the shepherds' roads
Day 7
High altitude meadows
Day 8
Travel Guide
Landscape and walking
Peneda-Gerês National Park
8 days
from 2599€ per person (basic price for 2 people)

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